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E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

There are hundreds of shopping cart programs and services available today. Many of these shopping cart programs require third party services in order to begin selling products on the internet. A popular misconception is that shopping carts handle the whole financial transaction, but they only really act as a front end which passes information through a secure checkout (another service) to a payment gateway (another separate service). Understanding and coordinating between these different services and functions can be time consuming and confusing to retailers and wholesalers.

800 Call-KC is a unique, because we are able to fulfill all three e-commerce functions for our clients e.g. shopping cart, secure checkout and payment gateway. 800 Call-KC offers remote hosting services eliminating the need to buy servers and install software.

E-Commerce Features and Services

  • Shopping Cart Product Maintenance Site
  • Secure Checkout
  • Payment Gateway Provider
  • Merchant Account Acquisition
  • Full Product Data Back-up
  • Discounts and Promotion Codes
  • Email Purchase Confirmation Details
  • Product Warehouse and Shipping

800 Call-KC proprietary e-commerce technologies offer a flexible and customizable solution that will integrate with other systems. If you are currently using a shopping cart provider and you want to integrate with our inventory and shipping systems this can be done very easily. If you are shipping products using a different fulfillment house, we will manage the secure purchase and send the order details to your fulfillment house.

By using 800 Call-KC as your e-commerce and shopping cart provider, you are working with experts in the ecommerce industry. Utilizing 800 Call-KC as your Product Database of Record supports easy integration with other 800 Call-KC services. Our electronic marketing department has the ability to quickly increase your profits by utilizing product data feeds to increase distribution channels.

More Information

If you would like more information on 800 Call-KC's E-Commerce Solutions please contact your 800 Call-KC representative at 816-231-4321 or email

816-231-4321 • 1-800-722-5554

1616 North Corrington Ave • Kansas City, Missouri 64120