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We are More Than a Call Center….We Offer Real Business Solutions.

Call Center Outsourcing
Call Center
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Warehouse and Fulfillment
Web Hosting Kansas City
Web Design and Development
Web Design
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Internet Marketing

At 800 Call-KC, we’ve combined our decades of experience to create the product environment you need to market your product in the most efficient way possible.  How can one company serve the diverse needs of many, including yours?  By offering solutions that get your product into the hands of consumers – seamlessly and with just one vendor, not several. 

800 Call-KC can streamline your business by acting as your customer service agent via our call center, creating and optimizing web marketing opportunities, developing and maintaining a distribution system, hosting, managing the payment process.., and offering cloud computing services.

Our job is to make your job easier and your company more profitable.  Use our services to create a more successful and efficient operation.  800 Call-KC provides the following comprehensive solutions, either individually or your entire infrastructure, to your everyday needs:

  • Contact center services
  • Merchant account services
  • Warehouse and fulfillment services
  • Website design & development
  • Advanced web hosting services
  • E-Commerce services
  • Internet marketing services

You can implement any of our services individually or use all of them to create your entire business infrastructure.

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1616 North Corrington Ave • Kansas City, Missouri 64120