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Merchant Account Solutions

Merchant Account Solutions

A business cannot be successful without the completion of the monetary transaction. Whether you are a startup business or an established organization, 800 Call-KC understands the importance of accurate customer and transaction information. Providing multiple flexible solutions for your organization, whether via the internet or a physical location, 800 Call-KC has a simple method for your organization to process a variety of payment options, and verify purchase order transactions with lightning speed. 800 Call-KC is Level I Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified to ensure your data is up to security standards.

All of 800 Call-KC packages include secured and encrypted online access to detailed transaction reports. 800 Call-KC offers the flexibility for your organization to track each transaction and maintain accurate customer information.

Services Details

Merchant Account Services

800 Call-KC will provide assistance to your organization through the application process of obtaining a Merchant Account and / or an ACH Account. When you have established your merchant account, 800 Call-KC will process your order through ACH, credit card and/or electronic check.

Payment Gateway

800 Call-KC has collaborated with MasterCard/Visa to become PCI Level I certified and contracted with Global Payments; a settlement financial company to offer a gateway that ensures encrypted, fast and reliable electronic payment transactions.


800 Call-KC has a streamlined process for you to accept large volume credit card and/or check payments, where face-to-face contact is not required such as with mail orders and telephone orders.

Financial Caging

800 Call-KC offers high-touch lockbox/caging services specializing in donations, remittance, document processing and data conversion. 800 Call-KC delivers quality processing for clients from diverse industries nationwide. ACH debit and credit card contributions are proofed and balanced prior to processing. Our team of financial customer service representatives will receive and disburse funds according to the requirements set by you.

More Information

If you would like more information on 800 Call-KC's Merchant Solutions please contact your 800 Call-KC representative at 816-231-4321 or email

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